Thursday, April 16, 2009

Code: WO002 - “OnE dRoP PeRfuMes”

“One Drop Perfumes”

Kotak Yang Lebih Menarik Bersaiz Segi Empat Tepat
Penggunaan Botol "Miniature Roll On"
Isipadu Setiap Botol Sebanyak 2.75ml
Diinspirasikan Daripada Jenama Antarabangsa
8 Jenis Wangian Berlainan Dalam Satu Kotak


MEN Celebrities' Special (Silver Set) - Hanya RM45 Sekotak
Perfume 1: Inspired by Instinct, David Beckham
Perfume 2: Inspired by Unforgivable, Sean John
Perfume 3: Inspired by True Star, Enrique Iglesias
Perfume 4: Inspired by Jordan, Michael Jordan
Perfume 5: Inspired by Adventure, Ewan McGregor
Perfume 6: Inspired by Life, Adre Agassi
Perfume 7: Inspired by Blue Seduction, Antonio Banderas
Perfume 8: Inspired by He, Usher

WOMEN Celebrities' Special (Pink Set) - Hanya RM45 Sekotak
Perfume 1: Inspired by M, Mariah Carey
Perfume 2: Inspired by Lovely, Sarah Jessica Parker
Perfume 3: Inspired by Curious, Britney Spears
Perfume 4: Inspired by Kate, Kate Moss
Perfume 5: Inspired by Show Time, Kylie Minoque
Perfume 6: Inspired by Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton
Perfume 7: Inspired by Black Pearl, Elizabeth Taylor
Perfume 8: Inspired by Glow, Jennifer Lopez

SET 1 WANITA (GREEN) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. Escape by Calvin Klein
2. Romance by Ralph Lauren
3. Pleasure by Estee Lauder
4. Still by Jennifer Lopez
5. For Her by Narciso Rodrigues
6. Baby Doll by Yves Saint Lauren
7. Cool Water for Women by Davidoff
8. Apple Blossom by Body Shop

SET 2 WANITA (PURPLE) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. Tresor by Lancome
2. Envy by Gucci
3. Kenzo Flower by Kenzo
4. Eternity for Women, Calvin Klein
5. Gloria by Cacharel
6. Miracle by Lancome
7. J'adore by Dior
8. Intense by Hugo Boss

SET 3 WANITA (PINK) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. CK Be by Calvin Klein
2. No. 5 by Chanel
3. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
4. Vanilla Musk by Coty
5. Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden
6. Women Boss by Hugo Boss
7. Palace by Paris Hilton
8. Poeme by Lancome

SET 4 WANITA (RED) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
2. Aqua di Gio For Women by Giorgio Armani
3. Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka
4. Baby Jasz by One Drop Perfumes
5. Gold by Amouage
6. Montana "Parfum de Peau" by Montana
7. Yohji by Yohji Yamamoto
8. Amarige by Givenchy

SET 1 LELAKI (BLUE) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. Black by Bvlgari
2. Blue Jeans by Versace
3. CK One by Calvin Klein
4. Eternity by Calvin Klein
5. Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren
6. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani
7. Issey Miyaki by Issey Miyaki
8. Hugo Men by Hugo Boss

SET 2 LELAKI (YELLOW) - Hanya RM40 Sekotak
1. Boss Signature by Hugo Boss
2. Echo by Davidoff
3. Tuscany per Uomo by Aramis
4. Cool Water by Davidoff
5. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
6. Allure Pour Homme by Chanel
7. Le Male by J.P. Gaultier
8. Pleasure for Men by Estee Lauder

* Semua minyak wangi tanpa alkohol Egyption Potion hanyalah diinspirasikan dari jenama Antarabangsa*


1. Penghantaran akan dibuat dalam masa 24 jam hanya selepas bayaran diterima.
2. Khidmat penghantaran menggunakan Pos Laju akan dicaj seperti berikut:-
- Semenanjung Malaysia RM 6 - Sabah & Sarawak RM 8
3. Untuk jumlah pembelian MELEBIHI 8 set, penghantaran adalah PERCUMA :-)


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